Certificate III in hairdressing

Why Hairdressing course is gaining popularity in Melbourne

Delivered in a classroom and workshop setting, certificate 3 in hairdressing helps you understand everything that you need to get started with your saloon. From cutting to coloring, each aspect is included. Check out some of the reasons that explain why hairdressing gaining popularity in Melbourne and becoming a great career choice.


1) Employability

Employment prospect is always essential when you are about to start anything. Fortunately, getting work as a hairdresser is pretty high. Being an in-demand career option, according to Job Outlook, around 6,200 new job openings are predicted annually. Irrespective of the season or year, there’s always going to be a massive need for hairdressers. Thus, there are various government-funded hairdressing courses in Melbourne.


2) Hands-on work

Not everyone is made for office work; some have a constant need to feel their hands. If you are like that, hairdressing is for you. Hairdressing involves washing, cutting, styling, and coloring hair, thus, giving you hands-on work experience. This is one of those jobs where customer feedback matters, thereby helping you improve.


There’s no denying that it’s amazingly fulfilling making something with your hands and having the option to see your work meet up continuously, directly in front of you. On the off chance that that is the sort of thing that gives you somewhat of a surge, you should consider taking the hairdressing course.


3) Transferable skills

Many times, when you are trying to get a new job in a new country with no network of friends, things can be very challenging. Also, there are instances when your qualifications don’t get recognised internationally. But hairdressing skills are almost universal. Whether you’re in Sydney, or Singapore or Amsterdam, a trim is a trim. In our certificate 3 in hairdressing, practical assessments lessons are also included to help you with to learn about hairdressing skills.


4) Constant is boring but not with this one

As a hairdresser, no two days will be the same for you. Today, you might be styling a student from high school for their formal. The other day, you might be engaged in a simple in-and-out trim.


Following that, you could end up doing a mind-boggling colorwork. Also, you’ll continually be tested by new styles and cuts as trends keep on changing throughout the year. Assortment and challenge are actually what a profession in hairdressing offers you. You’ll always be working with new individuals, adapting new styles, and that’s just the beginning, making hairdressing one of the most differed and dynamic vocations out there.


Career options available in government-funded hairdressing courses Melbourne –

Necessary skills and knowledge are provided to the learner, thus, helping him or her to become a competent hairdresser. There are various career opportunities such as


  • Salon stylist or colorist
  • Salon hairdresser
  • Film and television hairstylist
  • Photography stylist


Certificate 3 in hairdressing is best-suited for the stylist, designer, and artist in you. If you have just come out of school or looking for a career change, this course can help you, and we can help you with the course.


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