Trends That Will Dominate Hairdressing Industry in 2018

Creativity, innovation, and skills lie at the heart of a hairdresser’s job.
But, predicting the future is another prophecy that ranks high on a hairdresser’s skillset. What would a customer want this year? Around the beginning of the year, you can see stylists and magazines setting the tone of the hairstyles and hair colors for the year.Some of these trends just last a brief period while others leave a lasting impression on the industry. Hairdressing industry is nothing like it was five years ago let alone a decade ago. But, a significant transformation of the industry has transpired from technology and advancements of haircare.
So, a hairdresser that intends to make a mark in 2018 must keep pace with the latest trends in hair care and technology and not just styles that will dominate hairdressing industry this year. Here is a sneak peek of what this year will look like for hairdressers.

Virtual Imaging and Augmented Reality

In the past, people would spend days or months before deciding to adopt a specific look. How would short hair look on me? Is the right burgundy color for my hair? Should I go for an undertone? Do I need to take permanent hairstyling treatment? These were the questions that made a new hair look almost synonymous with a high-risk move.But, the latest technology in hair industry has pledged to eradicate such doubts completely. Whether it is Henkel’s just released SalonLab Analyzer, an augmented reality-based handheld device that can give you a preview of your looks before you commit to them through in-depth analysis of your hair profile or it is Loreal’s hairstyling app which lets you try different hairstyles and colors, the augmented reality is bringing revolutionary changes in hair salon. In an interview, Nils Daecke, head of digital marketing at Henkel Beauty Care said, “We want to take the guesswork out of the process for the hairdresser.”

Environmental Concerns

Along with organic approach, the hairdressers would need to be more aware of the environmental concerns of the clients about chemical-borne hair colors, the biodegradability of the products, ingredients of hair styling products, and footprints of a hair salon.
Unlike in the past, these factors are becoming increasingly important and relevant in clients’ decisions. Carbon-neutral salons are becoming the preferred choice, and the trend will rapidly catch on this year with increasing awareness around the problem. Eco-entrepreneur and Australian green beauty leader Jamila El Maroudi, who developed the concept of carbon-neutral spa and salon in the country commented, “A carbon neutral salon means that they have tried to minimise or entirely offset the emissions — materials, waste, energy, water, etc. — consumed and produced by the building of the salon, through to the operation of the salon and its staff.”
So, any hairdresser that is looking to grow and not just survive in 2018 and beyond must be ready and willing to accept these trends in hairdressing industry and should make arrangements to meet its clients’ technology and organic outlook in this year.

‘Organic’ or ‘Holistic’ Approach to Haircare

In Australia, the trend of vegan, natural and organic products is rapidly unfolding and is expected to reach new levels in this year. Australia’s Organic Market Report Highlights,
“In the five years between 2009 and 2014, Australia’s production of organic cosmetics, personal care products, and essential oils rose by 18 percent a year, with skincare (35.4%) and hair care (33.7%) the largest growth categories and total retail revenue topping $236 million. In the past year 2017, 22% of all beauty and cosmetic consumers in Australia purchased organic products.”
The Australian organic haircare products are developing at the same pace, and the hairdressers need to include a holistic approach to their services. Hairdressers must research and use purely organic products extracted from botanical ingredients to serve the ever-increasing demand of clients with organic preferences.

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