Diploma of early childhood education and care

Diploma in Childhood Education – A Consistent Booming Industry

For the ones interested in helping young children with learning and development, then a diploma in early childhood education in Melbourne is for you. The skills that you will get through this diploma course will make you be a part of Australia’s early childhood education and care sector. The growth rate of this sector for the next five years is quite promising. Furthermore, this is a massive demand for early childhood educators; ergo, there could be no better time to pursue a career as one. Excellent job prospects and the once in a lifetime opportunity to do yet another meaningful and rewarding work are some of the benefits. Bringing a positive change in the lives of young minds not just helps you grow career-wise but at a personal level too.


Career options for diploma early childhood education and care Melbourne

Once finished, you may look for work in the field of youngsters’ services, taking care of small kids up to the age of six of every an assortment of kid care settings. Employments incorporate centre coordinator, room leader, or a nanny for private clients. A few other options are as follows –

  • Nanny
  • Long Day Care
  • Out of School Hours Carer
  • Occasional Carer

How do you learn?

Full-time Group: A 240-hour workplace requirement is needed, which can be done by working for somewhere around 35 hours per week. This continues for 7/8 weeks. The students require 7 hours per day work of direct contact with children.

Industry Group: You can quickly complete your placement hours at your workplace. This can be done over a wide range of age groups.

  • Flexible
  • Practicum
  • Classroom

Class Schedule of diploma in early childhood education in Melbourne

For industry Group, it is one year. The prerequisites are as follows –

With the help of the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, you will learn the skills and knowledge which will help you plan and operate educational programs for kids. This could be prepared based on their abilities and interests following the National Quality Framework. Further, you will be able to brush yourself with the best practices and compliance skills. You will also learn a lot by working with industry-based instructors and the professional insights they offer.

A graduate with a diploma in early childhood education, Melbourne is entirely ready to change lives. The course lets you take an exciting role in the challenging environment of early childhood education. Depending on the childcare setting you choose, there is a vast employment choice available in the field of children’s services. From being a room leader to being an out-of-school carer or a nanny for private clients, you can even choose to become a kindergarten program coordinator or a center coordinator.


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