5 Advances in Hair Salon Technologies to Keep Up for Successful Future

Within the services sector, clients are now looking for convenience, ease, and speed in every service. From taking appointments, availing the service of making payments, technology is becoming an inherent part of the processes.

With changing consumer preferences and expectations, your salon business must be ready to keep up with these changes for successful operation in the future. Salons today need to have a futuristic approach to a business model allowing fast integration of technology at all levels to satisfy clients’ expectations. Technology is rapidly changing what is considered to be normal.

So, is your salon ready for the new normal?

Here are the five technological advances to keep up for successful future.

1-    Online Appointment Programs

How do you manage your appointments in the salon?

Are you still booking phone appointments and writing them down in a register? Your clients may not be happy with it.

Development of online programs and smartphone apps have brought revolution in the appointment process. While you should allow the phone booking, you must also offer your customers online appointment through the website, online portal or smartphone app. The client will be able to see the available time slots for specific service and can book an appointment accordingly. Your staff would not need to go back and forth on the pages looking for available slots and appointments can be confirmed through an automated process.

Online appointment booking is more convenient, quick, and easy to organize.

2-    Online Session or Webcam Consultation

Do you cater walk-in consultation service? What is the alternative?

Not every client is sure what do they want to do with their hair. Therefore, many clients pay a consultation visit to the salon to explore options in the haircut or dyes.

The video conferencing technology has become extremely affordable even for small businesses.

With proper video equipment and video calling solutions, you can provide online or webcam based consultation services to your client. The video will enable you to see and observe the client’s hair and make recommendations. Not only, it will save the client from the hassle of driving, but it can also help you manage queues or waiting list more effectively.

3-    Virtual Reality Software

How do you determine if a specific hairstyle will suit your client?

Seasoned hairstylists are so experienced and skilled that they can predict the outcomes of a haircut, hairstyle or dye with surety. However, many of us have made mistakes and been through disasters. Do you know that there is technology to predict it?

The latest virtual reality software in hairdressing, styling, and dying allow the clients to try on different hairstyles through simulation and modeling. With the help of the latest software, you can show your client their post-hairstyling looks with more than 90% accuracy. The VR equipment and software are easy to use which enables salon managers to use them with little training, and the technology is safe for clients too.

4-    Hair Color Blending Machines

In a profession such as hairstyling and Certificate III hairdressing, creativity knows no bounds.

Gone are the days when you were stuck with Ombre or Mahogany or few primary and secondary colors. Experienced hairdressers create their own colors with the help of few available colors in the market.

But, with the latest technology, you can create your own hues and chromes perfectly. The latest color blending machines are sophisticated and provide maximum control over mixing and blending. The color tracking machines allow every hairdresser at every level of proficiency to experience creativity and come up with a color pallet of his/ her own.

Another substantial benefit of such machines is that these help in controlling the waste product.

5-    Salon Management System

Another of the technological breakthrough in the beauty industry is the salon management system. Are you tired of the hassle of recording inventory, reconciling financial transactions, manage payrolls, and keep customer logs?

You can do it all together with salon management systems with minimum hassle. Salon management systems come in different modules, and you can choose to invest in a software that meets your specific needs. These systems are highly flexible and customizable which means that you can use a completely personalized product for your salon.

With the ease of use, anyone can use such systems with little training. Overall, such systems help you in managing salon more effectively by reducing manual errors, controlling inventory, and centralized data.

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